Our company


Azuba Handels GmbH was created in 2004 with the purpose of targeting to the Gran Caribbean market (specially Cuba) new and existing business projects that were managed by the founding companies and other partners in Germany that were interested in this market.

Gran Caribbean Market

Our team have studied the market segments that could be of interest to our partners and clients in Europe and Gran Caribbean as well. We currently have an important projects file for this region, knowing it’s priorities and needs we have created a short and medium term plan to satisfy our partners and clients.

Lines of Work

Among our main lines of work are information technologies and software development, applications and services for Internet, supplies and production infrastructures to support the informatics industry and others, exportation of national products, travel industry, cultural projects, etc.


We promote all kind of alliances with services and production companies in Europe, mainly in Germany, interested in the market of Gran Caribbean and Cuba.


Azuba-Handels GmbH is constituted as a holding of business units that manage all the lines of work. Our team of excellent professionals in the areas of business development, marketing and sales are based in our offices in Berlin and Havana.

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